Licensed Professional Counselor & Licensed Social Worker in Pennsylvania
Board-Certified Art Therapist
200hr Registered Yoga Teacher
Experienced Self-Recognized Informed-Humans 

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Use art therapy and creative expression for working through events where you can’t find the words

Find alleviation from shame or guilt as connected to your past experiences

Understand yourself and work towards internal acceptance

Learn grounding techniques and ways to be present in each moment

Feeling anxious, unseen, or misunderstood doesn’t have to be your story.

we will work to help you:

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Pricing is currently available via our pricing guide. Click here to access it!


+ Initial Intake Session 
+ Ongoing Treatment Planning & Monitoring
+ Collaboration & Support of other health professionals (with your consent)
+ Flexibility to adjust sessions to fit your schedule - weekly or biweekly
+ 24/7 access to online secure client portal with private journal option

What's Included:

for those who are interested in finding their way with words

Traditional Talk Therapy

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Pricing is currently available via our pricing guide. Click here to access it!


+ Everything that is included above plus: 
+ Directive & non-directive art prompts to access alternative self-expression
+ Use of all necessary art materials (paints, canvas, papers, clay, pastels, collage, paper, etc.)
+ One spiral bound visual art journal & access to your digital portfolio through client portal 

What's included:

for those who are intrigued and desire to find their way through creativity (sometimes less words)

Art Therapy

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Pricing is currently available via our pricing guide. Click here to access it!


+ Individual post-graduate clinical supervision hours towards licensure
+ Practicum or Internship hours for Masters or Bachelors level students 
+ Case Consultation 
+ Options for group support* 

What's Included:

for those who are beginning their way into the professional realm of counseling and in need of guidance through internship or post-graduate licensure in PA


Connect & Book

Pricing is currently available via Mindfully Balanced Wellness . Click below to view pricing and book with Danielle Maguire!


+  Comprehensive Intake Assessment & Review of Pre-service Questionnaire  
+  50 minutes of hands-on* energy healing from trained practitioner 
+  After care recommendations and suggestions for continued care, along with a personal follow up from practitioner 24 hours after session
+  Availability via text or email for any questions/concerns after session

What's Included:

for those who are looking for hands-on or distant energy healing with a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner well versed in chakra balancing for overall health and wellness

reiki - energy healing

* Reiki can be completed with no physical contact if preferred. Distant/virtual reiki is also an option for clients that are not local.

Start making change with support and guidance


Get to know each other and the challenge you’re facing


Book a free 20 minute phone consult and feel out the vibe


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your questions, answered

Do you accept insurance? What if you don't accept my insurance?

Currently, Be Here Wellness & Counseling is in-network with Highmark and Capital Blue Cross insurance companies. 

If you have other private insurance that you wish to utilize for your session, Be Here Wellness & Counseling can provide you with a Superbill that you may submit to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement. Payment in the full amount for your session will be due at time of session and your insurance company will be responsible for reimbursement directly to you. Any amount of the full service fee that is not reimbursed to you, will not be refunded by Be Here Wellness & Counseling. 

If you have private insurance, and Be Here Wellness & Counseling is out-of-network, and you do not wish to utilize your benefits, private pay at full service fee is an option. (Refer to sliding scale question below)

If you have an HSA (Health Savings Account) card or account, you are able to utilize those funds for payment regardless of Be Here Wellness & Counseling's network status. 

How do I cancel/reschedule my session? what is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations can be made through client portal, by calling the office and leaving a message, or by sending the therapist/service provider a text message or email. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please notify the office or provider in advance of 24 hours. Appointments that are not cancelled prior to 24 hours notice will be billed at $80.00. Appointments that are rescheduled less than 24 hours prior to session will be billed at $55.00. Appointments that are considered "NO SHOW" (no contact with therapist was attempted prior to scheduled appointment time) will be billed for $105.00. These fees are NOT billable through insurance and will be the responsibility of the client. Non-payment of fees prior to next scheduled appointment will result in cancellation of all future appointments. More than two No-Show appointments within a year will result in discharge of services. 

There are no additional fees for rescheduling your session with 24 hour notice. 

Do you offer Sliding Scale for fees?

In an effort to make therapeutic services accessible during economic hardship, Be Here Wellness & Counseling offers a "Pay What You Can"/Sliding Scale Agreement to those pursuing private pay rates. The "Pay What You Can"/Sliding Scale is reserved for those in significant financial hardship and asks for honesty and vulnerability in negotiating a reduced rate. Other fees, such as late/cancellation fees, are non-negotiable and will be assessed as defined in the Therapy Consent, Policies & Agreement document. 

What is art therapy? how can I find out more?

Art Therapy as defined by the American Art Therapy Association is, "an integrative mental health and human services profession that enriches the lives of individuals, families, and communities through active art-making, creative process, applied psychological theory, and human experience within the therapeutic relationship".  Basically, art and art-making can serve as an alternative or supportive approach to deeper exploration of lived experiences, while also serving as an act of self-care and self-expression. Art has the ability to speak the unspeakable and hold space for all emotions.

Some benefits and uses of art therapy: "improved cognitive and sensorimotor function, foster self-esteem and self-awareness, cultivate emotional resilience, promote insight, enhance social skills, reduce and resolve conflicts and distress, and advance societal and ecological change". 

American Art Therapy Association - click here!

Do you offer family or marital counseling?

Nope. However, I can provide appropriate referrals for those services. 

Do I have to have a credit card on file?

Yes. You can upload credit card information directly through your secure client portal prior to your first scheduled session. I will never see your full credit card number, only the last 4 digits, This eliminates the need for any paperwork or extra devices, and keeps your information private. 

Credit cards on file will be billed for any services rendered unless otherwise specified by client at time of session. Credit cards on file will also be billed to satisfy payment for any late/cancellation fees or other fees outlined in the Therapy Consent, Policies & Agreement document. 

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Investing in yourself is the greatest act of self-love. It's not easy - it's not a quick fix. AND it's worth it because you are worth it. Are you ready to begin & trust the process?