It can be so difficult to put a price on your healing, especially when these wounds aren't visible to others. They are, though, felt and experienced by you and are impacting wellbeing. What if you could have just an ounce more choice, security, and emotional freedom every day? What if you could grow that ounce into sustainable healing practices that are easy & accessible? What if I told you that therapy doesn't have to last forever in order to make change? What if we saw the price as an investment in yourself? 

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Brooke has held her LPC since December 2017 and is able to provide clinical supervision to other post-graduates that are seeking LPC state licensure in Pennsylvania. As of January 2023, Brooke will also be able to provide clinical supervision to those seeking LCSW state licensure. Brooke is also able to offer supervision for post-graduate Art Therapists working towards their ATR and/or ATR-BC. 

Group supervision rate is split between number of supervisees in a group with a maximum of 3 group participants to 1 supervisor (2 supervisees : 1 supervisor = $60 per supervisee/per hour; 3 supervisees : 1 supervisor = $40 per supervisee/per hour

If you are seeking educational placement for practicum or internship experience please reach out through our inquiry form and let's talk about making that happen - any practicum/internship placement would be non-paid and would be offered at no fee to the student. 


For those who are beginning their way into the professional realm of counseling and in need of guidance through internship or post-graduate licensure

Who it’s for:

Starting at $120/hour


Sessions are held for 55-90 minutes depending on need of services and availability. Extended 90 minute session can be scheduled when art therapy services are being utilized* The same scheduling and cancellation policy listed for traditional talk therapy (above) applies for Art Therapy sessions. Artwork made in session is considered part of your medical record and therefore are stored with care if left in the therapy space. Any artwork made that you wish to take with you, please take it with you! Art Therapy is an amazing expressive stand alone or add-on service that can coincide with many therapeutic approaches to healing. NO - you DO NOT need to be "Good" at art! The process of creating is just as valuable (and sometimes more so) than the final product. We love stick figures & scribbles! 


For those who are intrigued and desire to find their way through creativity (sometimes less words)

Who it’s for:

Starting at $130/session

art therapy

Sessions are typically 55-60 minutes and offered weekly or bi-weekly depending on need of services and availability. Scheduling is typically done in 3-4 months blocks (January - April, May-August, and September - December) so if you are able to commit to a weekly/bi-weekly appointment you will be scheduled into a time for an entire scheduling block. This is to assist with consistency, and ease the stress of planning/scheduling appointments. If at any time you need to cancel or reschedule a recurring appointment, please do so within 24-48 hours notice. More information about our cancellation policy can be found on the Portal Page by downloading the Therapy Consent, Policies, & Agreement form.  

Telehealth/Virtual options are available for those residing within the state of Pennsylvania.


For those who are interested in finding their way with words

Who it’s for:

Starting at $110/session

Traditional Talk Therapy

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Investing in yourself is the greatest act of self-love. It's not easy - it's not a quick fix. AND it's worth it because you are worth it. Are you ready to begin & trust the process?