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pennsylvania-based creative, holistic outpatient mental health practice empowering adolescents and young adult humans

Where compassion & courage guide your journey 

How do you take care of yourself? Who do you turn to for support? Are you tired of the typical “Pinterest quote” responses? “Just think positive!” or “Time heals” or my personal *FAV* “well at least you (insert some super effing dismissive comparison that leaves you probably feeling like… *poop emoji*). 

OR the typical blank slate business suite therapist response: “So how does that make you feel?”. Please, if whatever it was made us feel GREAT, we wouldn’t be in a therapy room. 

Typically we find ourselves in a mental health office when it hasn’t been our day, our week, our month, or even our year(s). And all we want is to connect, to be seen and heard by a real empathic human being who gets us.  #Illbethereforyou

honestly, it can be a whole shit show at times.

life can be messy.

Be Here Wellness & Counseling believes that everyone deserves to be themselves, in whatever true authentic form that takes. We are here to help clients discover this, knowing that personal healing and change may look different for each individual. This is why creative expression sits alongside conversation as the cornerstone for how therapy is conducted. Sometimes there are no words for our messy lives - and that’s ok, we can start exactly where you are.

where self expression is always encouraged


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for those who are intrigued and desire to find their way through creativity (sometimes less words)

Art Therapy

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for those who are interested in finding their way with words

Traditional Talk Therapy

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(and remember, you won’t have to travel alone)

Choose Your Own Adventure 

Supported by Compassion. Changed with Courage

for those who are beginning their way into the professional realm of counseling and in need of guidance through internship or post-graduate licensure

"I have learned so much about myself and opened myself up to other possibilities that have improved my wellbeing"

"You have to find a therapist that you have confidence in and that you are comfortable with. brooke is both of these things."

"brooke did more for me in 30 minutes than any therapist i've ever seen."

Be Here Wellness & Counseling is a space that sparks curiosity, redefines therapy, cultivates the courage to change, and ultimately aims to guide you on your authentic path to finding wholeness and healing within yourself in order to make stronger and better connections in the future. 

helping you be your own changemaker

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Investing in yourself is the greatest act of self-love. It's not easy - it's not a quick fix. AND it's worth it because you are worth it. Are you ready to begin & trust the process?

Supporting your courage to create change